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The Ministry pays great attention to preserving the privacy and confidentiality of information, as all requests are handled confidentially while preserving the privacy of all social data entered by citizens.


Collecting Internet Protocol Address: 


Our server automatically captures your IP address when you visit the site. (Your Internet Protocol address is the number of the computer you are using, which allows other devices connected to the Internet to determine the destination of the data they are issued, but without identifying you personally). We use your IP address to diagnose problems that occur on the ministry's server.




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Links Policy:


This site contains links to other sites inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Ministry’s portal site is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced on those sites or their content.

This portal is designed to meet a number of requirements for accessing Internet sites and following the best W3C guidelines, in addition to testing the portal components to ensure their compliance with the WAI standard to facilitate the content and content of the portal for the use of persons with disabilities.

"Easy Instructions Link Access 1.0 W3C"

To download the latest browser update, select the browser you want to update:


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Using the hashtag # in social media channels:


 The hashtag is a symbol or sign (#) .. The idea of the hashtag is abbreviated in the # sign, which is before a specific word that is used by browsers on social networking sites. Hashtags are used to increase participation among social media users of a certain word by placing a # sign before a specific word, and from here this word becomes the subject of open discussion among these people. It also allows the feature to search for a specific hashtag in the search box and access all the information that has been added to this hashtag


The Ministry of Labour and Social Development uses the # symbol in social media channels as follows:


















To download the latest update of the Adobe reader, we always strive to provide support programs for running file formats on website pages, such as Adobe Acrobat:

- Adobe reader


Note: In the event that you encounter a problem displaying some of the attachments on the site in (PDF) format, make sure that the (Adobe Reader) in your device is (Adobe Reader 8) or a latest version, otherwise you must either update the program that you have or download the file on your device.

Downloads Free Accessibility Tools:

•    Click-N-Type: a virtual keyboard that displays on the computer screen
•    MouseCam: is a small and free program to enlarge the font using the mouse pointer to the size of 20x
•    Click-N-Type:  Speech Package to provide speech audio as you type
•    EnorMouse :provides a bulky cursor for those who have trouble seeing the smaller cursor
•    Vu-Bar is a program for anyone who has trouble skipping lines while reading

Zoom font (resize):


The site is modified to respond to free guidelines. If the font seems too small, you can adjust it through the toolbar in the browser, click on "Show" and then choose the appropriate "Font Size".

Useful for people with dyslexia to help them avoid skipping lines or dropping from one line to the next.

•    Resizing Text: You can resize the displayed text on our portal by
•    Internet Explorer: In the toolbar, click on View, text size, and choose your preference
•    Firefox: In the toolbar, click on View, text size, and increase or decrease size.

Design a portal for mobile phones usage:

The Ministry is keen to provide its services to the public through several communication channels. One of these channels is the mobile phone, which has witnessed a quantum leap in the nature of the services it provides to the users. At present, the Information Systems Department is looking into the idea of implementing simulations of the ministry’s portal site on mobile phones. Through it, you can easily access the site from your mobile phones to view all the news, information, forms and electronic services.

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Contact us


Please send suggestions, complaints, and grievances through the following channels:

Call toll-free hotline (80008001), taking into account opening the line (++973) when calling from outside Bahrain.


You can also write to us at the following address:


Location on Google Maps:

MLSD (Labour Sector)

MLSD (Social Development Sector)


Ministry of Labour & Social Development

P.O. Box32333,

ٍSocial Development Sector - Bahrain Financial Harbor, West Tower

Labour Sector - Isa Town

Kingdom of Bahrain


Hotline no.: 80008001

Social Development Tel: 17101888

Labour Tel: 17873777

Website: www.mlsd.gov.bh

E-Mail: info@mlsd.gov.bh





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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