Isa Town Social Development Centre


Note: Isa Town Community Centre is under construction .. Please visit Abdulla Bin Yousif Fakhro Community Center for any service inquiry.


Isa Town Community Centre was established in October 1980, and serves the following areas: Isa Town, Tubli, Koora, Salmabad, JidAli, Jrdab, Sanad , Zayed Town.


Since the center covers a huge erea of land, all the workers at the center has to do more efforts to provide services and programs, to include all community groups.


The most important programs offered include the following:
  1. Handcrafts Workshops
  2. Sewing workshop.
  3. Preparation of field research for social assistance.
  4. Pioneers Project is one of the vital programs espoused by the center, and is based primarily on voluntary work in order to develop local leadership to achieve more local posts to be a liaison between the center and families.




Building No 4203 - Road No 1209 - Block No 812

Isa Town

Telephone NO: 17102326 -  Fax No: 17102393


Working Hours: Sundy - Thursday form 7:00am to 2:00pm


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