Comprehensive Social Research


Comprehensive Social Research:

Based on the strategy of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, and its keenness to facilitate and provide all social, care and developmental services to all members of the local community to ensure the development of social protection, comprehensive social research has been activated, so that it includes all types of social, care and developmental research. Through this comprehensive research, all the needs of the Bahraini family and individuals are monitored and the best services are provided to them to ensure the advancement of the individual and society.

Social Research Philosophy:

Believing in the value of the individual and to preserve his dignity in the community, the ministry provides various services in order to reach those goals.


  • Diagnose all social problems and phenomena to identify the causes that lead to them and develop mechanisms to address them.
  • Monitoring family needs through field visit.
  • Build a comprehensive unified database on families benefiting from the ministry's services and follow up on its updating with government and private institutions in order to identify the needs of the community and prepare relevant studies and research

Types of social research that are studied through the community activities section:

  1. Request for social security.
  2. Financial support grievances.
  3. A request for compensation for house fire (based on Cabinet Resolution No. 10-1839 which stipulates approval of the proposal submitted by the House of Representatives regarding compensation for families with limited income in the event their homes are exposed to fire, which is referred to in the memorandum of the Ministerial Committee for Shura Council and Parliament No. 098/060/2005, and to raise the funds allocated to compensate families with limited income in the event their homes are exposed to fire).
  4. Applications of the Social Insurance Organization / Military Retirement Fund. (According to Article No. (30) and (31) of Law No. (11) of 1976 which stipulates that the father and brothers are entitled to part of the retirement pension if it is proven that he was their breadwinner for his life.)
  5. The requests of the Social Insurance Organization (based on Law No. (24) of 1976 stipulating the entitlement of the father, brothers and sisters if they depend for their livelihood on the deceased, provided that this is proven by a certificate from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development on this subject).
  6. A request to join social, educational and rehabilitative care homes.
  7. Provide various services to families with limited income by studying cases and determining the social and economic conditions of the reality of Bahraini families.
  8. Transfer the cases to the Family Counselling Department to determine the extent of their entitlement to the services provided by the Ministry after checking the data.
  9. Study of the different cases, for example: welfare / rehabilitative / educational for governmental and private agencies.

Conditions and Criteria:


  1. The applicant to benefit from the Ministry's services must be a Bahraini national.
  2. The applicant to benefit from the Ministry's services must be a permanent resident in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  3. The research will conducted in the field and office, after it is followed up with the relevant official and non-governmental authorities.
  4. The social research must show the reliability of the information received by the applicant compared to the official documents.
  5. Fill out the application form and attach to it the required documents. (Social Assistance).


The Social Research Team of the Department of Community Activities is available at all Social Development Centers distributed over the four governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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