Compensation Subsidies on Meat


The Ministry of Labour and Social Development, in coordination with the Information Authority, the E-government and the Ministry of Finance, are cooperating to implement the “redirect subsidies for meat” project in accordance with the committee specified functions and competences in His Highness Prime Minister honourable Resolution No. 25 of 2013, the Ministry, in cooperation with aforementioned bodies, surveyed all financial support system registered requests are inclusion in the initiative beneficiaries without the need for the request registration process, aimed at facilitating for the citizens. All social centres in the Kingdom of Bahrain governorate are ready for receiving citizens and to answer their questions and to help them with the E-government registration through the hotline service, in addition to formation of committee aimed to study complaints.


Electronic registration via meat subsidies website, whether by the citizens himself or apply in person in all social centres in all Kingdom of Bahrain’s governorate, the registration and social services.





Conditions and Criteria:


  1. The applicant must be registered as ahead of family in the Information Authority and the E-government, as defined by the Information Authority and the E-government.
  2. The applicant must be a permanent resident on the Kingdom of Bahrain’s soil.
  3. The monthly income-support benefits don't affect (salary, registers, real estate, etc.)
  4. The designated meat subsidies amount is deposited in 15th of every 3 months in advance in the head of family’s bank account for him and his family members. The method of calculation as following:

              - 5 BD (Bahraini dinars) for the head of family.
              - 3,500 BD (Bahraini dinars) for every 15-years-old individual and older.
              - 2,500 BD (Bahraini dinars) for every individual under 15 year old.

Documents Required:

  1. The applicant’s valid identity card.
  2. The applicant’s original bank statement, including the international bank account number.

Contact us:


In order to communicate with specialists in Social Assistance Directorate
Social Development Centre e-mail Contact no.
IbnKhaldoon Social Development Centre 17102376
Muharraq Social Development Centre 17102375
Sitra Social Development Centre 17102374
Riffa Social Development Centre 17102371
Manama Social Development Centre 17102348
JidHaffs Social Development Centre 17102349
Hamad Town Social Development Centre


Abdulla bin Yousif Fakhro Social Development Centre 17102372


You can also forward your requests in the social assistance systems through the system of communication "Tawasul" (
In addition, you can view the details of all government support amounts through the online service link (















































































































































































































































































































































































































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