Social Security


Social assistances are provided to families in need based on the criteria and conditions of eligibility specified in Law No. (18) of 2006 on social security for all groups that do not have a sufficient source of income to depend on their livelihood, namely the family, widow, divorced, abandoned, elderly, family Prisoners, unable to work, disabled, unmarried girl, boy and orphan.

Definition of the family in Article No. 1, the Social Security Law No. 18 of 2006 stipulated that «each group consists of one or more spouses and their children, and depend on the head of the family for their livelihood».
The definition of the paterfamilias «is the husband, in exceptional cases, its role must be taken by the person recognized by the rest of the family as being responsible for them and based on their financial affairs».

Registration Method:

Registration is done through the Registration and Social Services Section in all social centres of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development distributed in all governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Conditions and criteria:

  • The applicant must be a Bahraini national.
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The applicant must not have a financially capable relative who is obliged to spend on.
  • The applicant must prove by linking with the official authorities that the total monthly income is less than the minimume to provide basic requirements of living.
  • The applicant must prove the positive situation of the disbursement of social assistance according to official documents approved by the competent government authorities.

Required Documents:


The required documents are based on category, social, occupational and health status:


  1. Original valid identity cards of the head of household and children by social status.
  2. Original bank document of the applicant including International Account Number (IBAN)
  3. A copy of the subscriber bill of the Electricity and Water Authority to get the discount amount.
  4. A recent salary certificate (if any).
  5. Divorce document, custody judgment and the amount of alimony for the category (divorced with children).
  6. Court ruling on alimony for (abandoned).
  7. Death certificate of one or both parents or the divorce certificate of the parents (unmarried girl).
  8. Parental divorce document, mother's death certificate or the marriage certificate of the father of another for the category (boy).
  9. A statement from the Public Prosecution issued by the Ministry of Interior stating that the head of the family is imprisoned for the category of (imprisoned family).
  10. Death certificate of the father or the rule of adoption for the category (orphan) - (be unknown parents in the rule of orphan).
  11. Medical report from a consultant identifying and proving the type of disability or disability approved by a government hospital in the Kingdom for the category of (disabled) / (Inability to work).
  12. Attaching a certificate of non-expenditure of working and unmarried children for all categories entitled to social security in accordance with the above regulations.


  • The applications are decided electronically from the system, unless it is required to be decided by the committee according to the criteria and conditions.
  • The amount will be transferred to the beneficiaries' accounts starting from the 15th of each month in the various local banks.

*Reducing electricity and water charges (for social security beneficiaries):


It is a Royal gift issued in 1999 on reducing the burden of electricity and water expenses for needy Bahraini families. The project started in January 2000 in coordination with the Electricity and Water Authority.
Conditions and criteria:

When citizens apply for social security, the electricity and water bill is attached, upon acceptance of the application (Social Security), the employee of the Registration Section must send the invoice to the competent employee in the Ministry to follow up and submit the beneficiary case to the Electricity and Water Authority.

Required Documents:

  • Electricity and water bill


Social Assistance Directorate prepares lists of the new candidates for social security and submit such list to the Electricity and Water Authority to take the necessary action regarding approving of adding such families at the Royal gift.


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In order to communicate with specialists in Social Assistance Directorate
Social Development Centre e-mail Contact no.
IbnKhaldoon Social Development Centre 17102376
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Riffa Social Development Centre 17102371
Manama Social Development Centre 17102348
JidHaffs Social Development Centre 17102349
Hamad Town Social Development Centre


Abdulla bin Yousif Fakhro Social Development Centre 17102372


You can also forward your requests in the social assistance systems through the system of communication "Tawasul" (
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