Social Assistance


The Social Assistance Department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development is concerned with receiving social assistance requests represented by social security, financial support for people with low incomes (high cost premium), disability pension, compensation for housing fires and monetary compensation in exchange for lifting subsidies from meat; this is in the context of raising the living standard of the society groups, those who were guaranteed the right to the Constitution in order to enable them socially and economically.

Social Assistance Directorate is seeking to provide its services electronically by filling out the application form and downloading the required documents without the auditors needing to visit the social centres, where it is possible to apply through contact with social assistance supervisors in the social centres below or on their behalf, by phone or e-mail, note that all required documents were identified on the site according to the required service.

  1. Social security
  2. Disability allowance
  3. Financial support
  4. Compensation for housing fire
  5. Monetary compensation for lifting subsidies on meat.



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In order to communicate with specialists in Social Assistance Directorate
Social Development Centre e-mail Contact no.
IbnKhaldoon Social Development Centre 17102376
Muharraq Social Development Centre 17102375
Sitra Social Development Centre 17102374
Riffa Social Development Centre 17102371
Manama Social Development Centre 17102348
JidHaffs Social Development Centre 17102349
Hamad Town Social Development Centre


Abdulla bin Yousif Fakhro Social Development Centre 17102372


You can also forward your requests in the social assistance systems through the system of communication "Tawasul" (
In addition, you can view the details of all government support amounts through the online service link (