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About Home Based Businesses Program (Khatwa)  

The economic and social empowerment of the Bahraini family is on the priorities list of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, and in order to achieve this basic objective, the idea of the "Khatwa" Project for Home Projects came to provide all needs and facilities required for families and individuals to start their business projects from home.  

One of the most important initiatives that the Ministry has sought to achieve within the standards and controls regulating for home productive activities is the issuance of Prime Minister Decision No. 39 of 2010 for organizing work from home, through which a productive home project can be established, which resulted in the launching of a new concept of home work that suits all groups and ages. Whereas the program is considered the first step for a distinguished idea of legal registration, without any financial costs for registration.

Our vision: a dependable individual - an individual acquired knowledge - a productive individual - an independent individual.


Our Mission: Create a generation ready to be a successful business owner.

  1. The objectives of the (Khatwa) for Home-Based Businesses Center program: Improving the status of the Bahraini individual economically and socially.
  2. Individual development on self-reliance and sustainability in production.
  3. Improving the status of the individual in terms of productive development.
  4. Preparing professional and specialized cadres through the training programs provided by the program's support Honours.

Target group:

  • The owner of a home project idea
  • Registered in the Productive Families Program
  • Beneficiaries of training programs in social Honours
  • Jobless
  • Retired
  • Beneficiaries of the social security program
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Activities registered in the program:

•    Embroidery, design and sewing of women's clothing, sheila and abayas.
•    Simple accessory and ornaments.
•    Antiques, pottery and handcrafted ceramics
•    Flower arrangement and home farming.
•    Mixing, selling and packaging incense and perfumes.
•    Design and form gift boxes
•    Watch repair
•    Textile and handmade carpet work
•    Selling rare coins and stamps
•    Lessons in the home kitchen
•    Artistic and manual works, technical and plastic drawings, and simple woodwork.
•    Simple laundry and ironing
•    Shoe and sole repair and tagging manually
•    Photographing events, weddings and conferences.
•    Computer advertisement design.
•    Packaging and binding of school books and preparation of school aids.
•    Fishing nets and cages industry.
•    Hand-made wicker

Productive activities related to food:

•    Roasting and packing cereals, spices and flour.
•    Packaging dates
•    Packaging Molasses
•    Drying and packaging fish and shrimp
•    Automatic drying and packing of fruits
•    Making grape leaves with rice
•    Produce cakes and pastries without meat and creams
•    Roasting and packing nuts and coffee
•    Making and filling samosa leaves
•    Biscuit without white cream
•    Making and packing the tortillas
•    Making and packing Mahia
•    Refill sugar, grains and long-term food
•    Work and fill the pickles
Popular sweets ((Al-Luqimat, Al-Zalabiyya, Baklava, Sagoo, Al-Jali, Balalit, Khubais, Rankana, Darmandeh)


For more information, please contact the following numbers:


Contact no



Home Based Businesses Program (Khatwa) 


Capital Mallfor Bahraini Handmade Products


Sitra Productive Families Center


To Register for Training Programs


Childhood& Family Development Department Director office


Head of Family Development Office



Registration in the Project:


You can register at the Home-Based Businesses Project by filling in the Productive Families Form. After registration, a written message along with a completed Home-Based Businesses Form should be submitted. These forms are available at all the community centres, Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products, Sitra Centre for Productive Families and Al Sayah Centre for Bahraini Handmade products.


Project Supportive Centres:

  • Design and Innovation Centre: It is specialized in developing products by productive families and innovating new marketable products. The Centre is located in the Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products.
  • Centre of Excellence for Productive Families: It specializes in providing training and qualification consulting for entering the market under the umbrella of entrepreneurship.
  • Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products: The Mall provides a place for supportive centres and a marketing space for productive families to market their products based on certain criteria topped by product quality and marketability.
  • Sitra Centre for Productive Families: It specializes in foodstuffs, such as spices, pickles, and cheese. The Centre offers counselling and technical support in marketing techniques and following up procedures with the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Health regarding the products which are packaged and promoted through the Centre.
  • Al Saya Centre for Bahraini Handmade products: It offers advanced training programs for productive families, as well as marketing opportunities.
  • Airport Store: It was opened in 2008 in order to create marketing opportunities for the productive families making excellent products that are marketable outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.


For more information, please contact the following numbers:

Capital Mall: 17102369

Sitra Centre for Productive Families: 17102345

Hotline Services 80008001



















































































































































































































































































































































































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