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The Productive Home Project came in implementation of Cabinet Resolution No. (39) of 2010 regarding organizing carrying on the production activity, at home, including the owner's identity of the productive activity and the type of activity that it engages in. It is undertaken by an office in the Ministry of Labour & Social Development called the registration office.

The Productive Home Project is an extension of the Productive Families Project sponsored by the Ministry of Labour & Social Development through the development of new productive families, advanced training programs, marketing centres, and project supportive centres. The Project offers work opportunities that attract young and unemployed people as well as the Bahraini women who wish to be economically empowered. In addition to, it also raises family’s income and represents a flexible field of work for the elderly and retirees. Among the services that were provided to owners of the home’s product are as follows:-

A work permit from home should be obtained to qualify the beneficiary to deal with all official and private agencies in an official capacity.

  1. A license must be obtained by the Ministry of Health to carry out all activities of foodstuffs that fall within the law for registration of the productive home.
  2. Products should be developed through consulting and technical workshops provided by the Design and Innovation Center.
  3. Business courses and consultations should be provided to enter the projects world through the Center of Excellence for Home Enterprise Development.
  4. The products should be marketed through the Capital Complex for Bahraini hand products, the Sitra Center for Productive Families and the local (public and private) and foreign exhibitions division of the Step for Home Projects program.
  5. Optional insurance should be provided for the owner of the project, which guarantees a future pension in cooperation with the Social Insurance Authority.
  6. Customs facilities should be obtained in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, Customs Administration Division.
  7. The trademark must be obtained through the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  8. The possibility of obtaining loans or soft financing to start the project from the Family Bank.

Conditions to be fulfilled for the applicant registered at Home:


  • He/She must be of Bahraini nationality, and be at least eighteen years old.
  • He/She is not the owner of a commercial register.
  • He/She must be one of the individuals residing in the house, owners or tenants.
  • He/She should provide evidence of the homeowner's consent to engage in productive activity in it, and the obligations related to registration if the applicant is a tenant. In addition, the consent of both the landlord and the tenant if the applicant is a resident.
  • He/She should fulfil the information specified on the registration application form, along with a copy of the required documents.
  • He/She must submit proof of obtaining licenses, permits or approvals from the concerned authorities to practice the production activity to be recorded, the viability of the home to conduct this productive activity in terms of productivity, security and safety.


Registration Period:

  • The entry in the record of the produced house remains valid for one year from the date of its making.
  • The application for registration may be renewed annually upon the request of the owner of the productive activity, on the same terms and conditions for the first registration, provided that such act must be taken thirty days before the end of the registration period.

Registration in the Project:
An application for registration in the productive house is made through an application form that can be obtained in all social Honours distributed in the various governorates of the Kingdom, or through the productive families' Honours, which are the capital complex for Bahraini hands products, the Sitra center for productive families, and  AlSayah center for productive families.  





Project Supportive Centres:

  • Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products: The Mall stands as an outstanding model in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the whole area due to the various options it provides for the development of productive families. It includes marketing space and sites for productive families to market their high-quality and exquisite products. Moreover, the Mall contains honours for developing, qualifying and empowering families in this regard.
  • Design and Innovation Centre: It specializes in developing products by productive families and innovating new marketable products. The Centre is located in the Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products.
  • Centre of Excellence for Productive Families: It specializes in providing training and qualification consulting for the development of productive families, enabling them to enter the labour market.
  • Sitra Centre for Productive Families: It specializes in foodstuffs, such as spices, pickles, and cheese. The Centre supports the productive families as it provides them with technical consulting and logistic support to market their products both locally and internationally. Also, the Centre cooperates with the Ministry of Health to guarantee the health of the exported products and ensure their compliance with the required conditions and proper packaging.
  • Airport Store: It was opened in 2008 as an outlet that offers marketing opportunities for the productive families producing excellent products which are marketable outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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