Sitra Centre for Productive Families





A specialized incubator in supporting medium- and long-term food industries

Based on the interests of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development to promote services for productive families, Sitra Centre for Productive Families was opened in the year 2007, as a Centre specialized in the production of packaged food, as it aims to develop home-based work by providing a hygienically convenient place and supportive work environment.
The Sitra Centre for Productive Families hold an essential aspect in raising the level of quality of packaged food products, as it reached commercial levels of achieving a presence in the Bahraini market, with global health, professional and production standards.

In recent times, the level of production has evolved considerably as a result of the increase in the number of productive families working in the field of packaged food on the one hand & high demand for these products, on the other hand.


Location on Google Maps:

Sitra Centre for Productive Families


Building 567 - Road 519 – Complex 605


Phone: 17102345 - Fax: 17730168


How to register in the Centre:

Any Bahraini family registered with a Khatwa programme for home projects (Khatwa) must be entitled to benefit from the services of the Centre, by registering directly by filling in the registration form uploaded to the official website of the ministry, the Centre also displays a sample of products to the designated authorities in the Ministry of Health in order to ensure compliance with all health requirements in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain. For registration and inquiries, you can call the Ministry's hotline or the Centre's phone No.17102345.

What the Centre provides:

Sitra Centre provides productive families with technical advice and logistical support to enable productive families to market their products locally and abroad as it provides many services that contribute to increasing and developing production:-

  1. Providing productive workshops.
  2. Bahraini families should be trained and rehabilitated professionally.
  3. Following up the production quality and its conformity with the requirements.
  4. Providing a healthy environment for production.
  5. Direct marketing across major markets in the Kingdom.

The target families of the project:-

The Centre aims to attract all productive families involved in the production of packaged food, which include:-

  • All spices.
  • Pickles of all kinds.
  • Flour mixes of all kinds.
  • Grains of all kinds.
  • Nuts of all kinds.
  • Jam of all kinds.
  • Dried fish and shrimp.
  • Sauces of all kinds.
  • Putty of all kinds.

In addition to other bottled mixtures of medium and long-term shelf life.


Centre's units:

Productive units:

The Centre contains production units working to develop the production of Bahraini families, through the training process, it also contributes to increased production, opening up prospects and opportunities for Bahraini families economically and raises their ability to increase their financial income.

Internal display units:

The Centre provides an internal showroom that serves as an incubator for Bahraini families' products. In addition, it encourages Bahraini families to raise the level of services provided by the Centre within a competitive environment, and motivate them to be among the pioneering businesswomen.

External display units:

The centre provides external display units as one of the most important selling points for the production families supervised by the Centre, while creating a spirit of competition between these families to provide the best food products.


Marketing is the main platform for the success of the productive families’ project and for improving their income in the best and most up-to-date ways, by facilitating the access of their products to the largest number of society's members. Accordingly, the project was able to pass advanced stages in this aspect, which was reflected on the general economic level of the productive families. The following are some of the main marketing outlets cooperating with the Centre:-

     -Lulu hypermarkets
     -Jewelry markets
     -The Lebanese Centre
     -Al-Montazah Markets
     -Al Jazira Cold Store
     -Alsater Market
     -Kanz Alwalaa for Trading
     -Carrefour markets
     -Shwaiter Sweets
     -Royan Markets
     -The Capital Complex
     -Muharraq Sayah Centre
     -Year-round exhibitions and civic events
     -Some cooperative societies in the State of Kuwait
     -Some major markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Success stories for some productive families:

* The first story: A success story born out of will and steadfastness

Ms. (S.A.) was able to move from a state of need to a state of production with her determination and persistence, whereas she was able to fulfill her dream of producing all kinds of spices. After benefiting from a project of a Khatwa for home projects under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development. Moreover, her joining Sitra Centre for Productive Families was the first core of its project. As she started from inside the arcana of her home, she achieved her dream of reaching self-employment through a project she started by producing simple varieties of spices. Then she managed to reach the major markets in the Kingdom by working to develop her project, after that she went to participate in festivals and exhibitions held by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development to give her creativity more opportunities and spaces, including what drives her to proceed with her project.

She also benefited from the social media revolution in marketing her project in order to write for herself a success story through which she overcame obstacles with perseverance and diligence.

*The second story: A family turned challenges into opportunities

Their products were distinguished and manufactured with local hands, for a family that defied poverty and need and did not stand idly by, it helped itself and its family financially, to move from one situation to a better situation.

Ms. (A.A.) moved from being sitting at home without work, until she had distinguished activities, as her life changed dramatically, After she was without income, she became the one who provided the necessary money for her family.

After Mrs. (A.A.) joined a Khatwa project for home projects and benefited from the services of the Sitra Centre for Productive Families, she launched in the market with her distinguished products to supply it to some shops and neighboring countries with the help of family and friends. Accordingly, she started to achieve a good and steady income. Hence, she was able to employ now a number of relatives and neighbors to fill and package her products manually, taking into account this income, she was able to provide for her family's necessities. After she got into her new home, she got a license (the productive house).

Ms. (A.A.) was a model of struggle and persistence, therefore, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development has succeeded in providing the support it needs, as it facilitated its participation in exhibitions held in the Kingdom, thus achieving fame and expanding its work quickly.

* The third story: She was devastated by life and confronted her with will and determination

She is a Bahraini woman (a homemaker), who was devastated by life and confronted her with will and determination to challenge and succeed, so she thought about managing her livelihood and increasing her income by making spices and pickles, marketing and selling them to others in a simple way.

Mrs. (C.J) joined a Khatwa project for home projects (Khatwa) in order to learn a number of marketing skills and benefit from the services of the Sitra Centre for Productive Families, which constituted a turning point in her life as she expanded her productive activity and marketing it. She has published advertisements on social media that have formed a customer base. Moreover, she participated in exhibitions held by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, which supported its capabilities and give it opportunities to expand; in addition, made it a real and effective partner in building and developing the country.

* The fourth story: a struggle and work to achieve excellence

It is the story of a woman who wanted to change her reality, so she did not hesitate to take advantage of the services available in the state. Moreover, she persuaded her family to work with her to reach the goal.

It is Story "A", which represents a role model for all families, because it represents the story of their struggle and success.

“A” has experience in making mixtures of flour and various pastries. Ten years ago, she participated in the Khatwa for Home Projects programme and joined the Sitra Centre for Productive Families to neatly pack their products. As well as, (A) has participated in exhibitions held by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development and found a great demand from citizens for her products, which did not have a great impact on the success of its project. “A” expanded her range of products, increased production; in addition, her husband became a business partner, and she took advantage of the marketing network the ministry provided with major stores.

This is the real achievement, the productive Bahraini citizen who contributes to the development of his/her country, this is what everyone’s efforts at the Ministry of Labour and Social Development have translated into productive families over the past years.






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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