Compensation for Housing Fire


The house fire monetary compensation disbursed in accordance with Council of Ministers decision No.1839-01 of 2005 on monetary compensation of low-income families in case of exposing to fire.


Registration is applicable through submitting a request to the registration and social services at all social centres, distribute in all the governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Conditions and Criteria:

  1. The applicant must be Bahraini citizen.
  2. The residence must NOT be insured.
  3. It must not have passed more than 6 months since the date of fire exposure.
  4. It is permitted to apply for the “house fire monetary compensation” registration even after the house renovating, in case of availability of photographs showing the damage.
  5. The total income of both the applicant and his wife must not exceed than 1500 BD (Bahraini dinars).
  6. If the damaged house is registered in his/ her heir, when the resident total monthly income requested and mentioned in the General administration of Civil Defence report.
  7. The house fire compensation is disbursed once in lifetime, unless another incident occurs at the same residence.

Documents Required:

  • The applicant must provide the original fire incident report, issued from the General administration of Civil Defence.
  • The applicant’s photograph must be provided. (to be deleted)
  • A copy of identity card for the applicant and his family members residing with him/ her.
  • Statement of receipt or non-receipt a pension.
  • A copy of the salary certificate for Applicant and his wife.
  • Statement from the Royal Foundation with regard to the widows and orphans.
  • The applicant’s original bank statement, including the international bank account number.
  • A copy of the bill related to the Electricity and water authority.
  • Photographs showing the damage, if available.

The Procedure:

  • The applications are judged by the competent committee to evaluate the disability, according to criteria and Conditions.
  • The designated amount is deposited into the beneficiary's account, at all local banks.


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