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The Kingdom of Bahrain is always keen on promoting members of the society through many aspects, most notably of which is the interest in building a family, on the ground that a family  is considered a key nucleus of the fabric of the society. Therefore, interest in achieving sound mental health among the members of the community will confirm the civilizational image of community building in the Kingdom of Bahrain, this is in light of the comprehensive reform project of His Majesty, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, , who pays close attention to family cohesion and enhancement of family counseling services, which is one of the modern sciences concerned with mental health, where the promulgation of Law 17 of 2015 comes from the most prominent features of this stage.

Family counseling services was launched since May 2007 through opening Family Guidance Offices at social centres distributed in all governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Whereas, the team was keen on pushing the wheel to build a solid firmly established awareness base among the community members about the nature of family counseling and services, in order to fully benefit from these services. This is to achieve the highest levels of psychological health, happiness, satisfaction and family stability. In addition, it reduces the percentage of family problems and conflicts, whether they are family, marital, educational, social, or personal, through adopting several approaches to reach the goals that it seeks to achieve, such as the preventive approach, the therapeutic approach and the development approach, whereas family counseling seeks to spread family culture in society through its various programs, from awareness, development and preventive lectures, This is to provide individuals with positive and effective skills that enable them to enjoy stability, happiness and contentment, hence, preserving the building and civilization of the Bahraini family and society. Since 2004, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development has activated the family welfare program for implementing judicial rulings regarding visits by children of divorced and separated children through social Honours instead of police stations.

This is based on the vision of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the wife of His Majesty the beloved King, Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Women, as well as the belief of her Highness, , in achieving security and psychological stability for the Bahraini family, where he directed the Supreme Council for Women to take this step, in an effort to provide a better climate and for the psychological comfortability  of  the  children of divorced parties. Consequently, Article No. (27) and Article No. (28) of the Child Law No. (37) of 2012 concerning to the implementation of judgments about exercising access rights  at centres affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development were activated. Since the family care program in the social centre has a special nature for the category it serves, the Family Guidance Department supervised the implementation of this program.

In order to complement the efforts exerted by the Family Guidance Division and in view of the increased risks associated with providing secret guidance by non-competent authorities about dealing with family problems, the article No. (4) of Law No. 17 of 2015 regarding protection from family violence was activated. It provides that: "Except for family counseling centres and offices established by the Ministry, it is not permissible for any natural or legal person to open a family counseling centre unless after obtaining a license from the Ministry in accordance with the conditions and procedures described at the resolution issued by the Minister". Accordingly, the Family Guidance Department has become the section concerned with issuing and following up licenses in accordance with Resolution No. 26 of 2017 regarding the conditions and procedures for licensing family counseling Honours.


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Resolution No. 26 of 2017 regarding the conditions and procedures for licensing Family Guidance Centres

Application form for a license to establish and operate Family Guidance Honours

Family Consultation Office



The Family Guidance Offices' Objectives:

  1. Providing individual, group, and psychological counseling services to children through Family Guidance Offices'.
  2. Providing advisory, development and preventive programs by social centres in addition to cooperating and participating with all concerned institutions (schools, social institutions, societies, universities, ministries, governorates, municipal councils and media institutions), through giving lectures and holding seminars and workshops inside and outside the social development Honours.
  3. Research and study of family problems (conducting a questionnaire - conducting a case study - analyzing and studying data and the results of studies).
  4. Fostering belonging, citizenship and preserving originality stemming from values, customs and traditions of Bahraini society.
  5. Seeking to prepare family members to adapt to the nature of life through all available means to get rid of the difficulties and concerns they encounter.
  6. Helping family members achieve mutual understanding, eliminate stress and emotion, resolve conflicts among themselves, eliminate anxiety, and achieve convergence, harmony and tolerance.
  7. Helping to solve problems facing family members and looking to achieve an integrated family atmosphere.
  8. Preparing young people and those about to get married in a manner that can reduce marital problems and build a happy home.
  9. Equip parents with positive trends to be followed in upbringing their children.

Family Guidance Services:


-    Family Guidance

  • Individual Guidance
  • Group Guidance
  • Instructions by playing

-    Indicative Programs

  • Introductory Programs
  • Development and preventive programs

-    Communicate with the audio-visual and written media.
-    Conducting research and studies in the field of family.


The service of providing individual and group family psychological guidance and playing counseling:

You can benefit from the service of providing individual and group family counseling and guidance by playing through the following steps:-
1.    Personal attendance to the Family Guidance Office at the social center to make an appointment.
2.    Call the Family Guidance Office and make an appointment for the interview.



Family Guidance Offices Working Hours :





Regular time

Ramadan time

Sunday - Thursday


From 7:00 AM to 2:15 PM

From 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Contact Numbers for Family Guidance Office:


Family Guidance Office Location

Telephone number

Abdullah Fakhro Social Center


Hamad Town Social Center


Ibn Khaldoun Social Center - Arad
























































































































































































































































































































































































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