Disability Allowance


This allowance is be paid to the beneficiaries in accordance with the Ministerial Decree No. 24 of 2008, regarding criteria for eligible persons with special needs, disabilities are classified as follows:

  1. Physical disability
  2. Mental disability
  3. Visual disability
  4. Hearing disability
  5. Autism
  6. Cerebral Palsy
  7. Multiple disabilities




Registration is applicable through submitting a request to the registration and social services at all social centres within governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Conditions and criteria:


  • The applicant must be Bahraini citizen or (NON BAHRAININ CHILD OF A BAHRAINI FEMALE CITIZEN) resident on the kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident.
  • The applicant must be disabled for life and a certification of disability from disability assessment committee must be provided.

Documents Required:

  1. Valid identity card and passport copy for the disabled applicant’s and amount of income.
  2. Valid identity card and passport copy for the unmarried disabled applicant’s parent.
  3. Valid identity card and passport copy for the married disabled applicant’s.
  4. Attach original medical report accredited by a government hospital showing the type of disability.
  5. The parent’s amount of income, if they do work  for unmarried disabled applicant and the amount of income for wife or husband for the married disabled applicant.
  6. Commercial registration data for the disabled applicant and his family if available.
  7. Non- Bahraini birth certificate.
  8. The applicant’s original bank statement, including the international bank account number. 


The procedure:

  • The applications are judged by the competent committee to evaluate the disability, according to criteria and Conditions.
  • The designated amount is transferred to the beneficiary's account, by the 15th of each month, at all local banks .

Disability standards:


Hearing impairment standards (Click here)


The Kind of hearing-impairment

The hearing-impairment degree


The hearing-impairment degree in one ear must be severe (more than 70), and moderate to severe on the other one (from 50 to 70).

Conductive hearing loss

hearing-impaired applicant Must provide medically prove it can’t be Surgically untreatable

Mixed hearing loss

The hearing-impaired applicant must provide medically prove in which it can’t be Surgically untreatable

Or mentioned in the medical report that the patient needs a cochlear implant


The medical report must be signed and sealed by Salmaniya Hospital, Military Hospital or King Hamad University Hospital consultant.


Visual impairment standards (Click here):




The international classifications for the visual-impairment person as the following:
Anyone with a visual defect in the strongest eye 6/18 consider as visual-impairment person and cannot be visually enhanced by wearing medical eyeglasses or by surgery, or severely impaired vision (20 degree or less vertically, or 20 degree or less horizontally, regardless of the strongest eyes).
The medical report must be signed and sealed by Salmaniya Hospital, Military Hospital or King Hamad University Hospital consultant 


Registiration Form (Click to download)



Contact us:


In order to communicate with specialists in Social Assistance Directorate
Social Development Centre e-mail Contact no.
IbnKhaldoon Social Development Centre SA_Ibn_khuldon@mlsd.gov.bh 17102376
Muharraq Social Development Centre SA_Muharraq@mlsd.gov.bh 17102375
Sitra Social Development Centre SA_Sitra@mlsd.gov.bh 17102374
Riffa Social Development Centre SA_Riffa@mlsd.gov.bh 17102371
Manama Social Development Centre SA_Manama@mlsd.gov.bh 17102348
JidHaffs Social Development Centre SA_Jidhafs@mlsd.gov.bh 17102349
Hamad Town Social Development Centre



Abdulla bin Yousif Fakhro Social Development Centre

SA_Fakhro@mlsd.gov.bh 17102372


You can also forward your requests in the social assistance systems through the system of communication "Tawasul" (https://www.bahrain.bh)
In addition, you can view the details of all government support amounts through the online service link (https://www.bahrain.bh









































































































































































































































































































































































































































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