Centre of Excellence for Micro-Enterprises Development




The Centre of Excellence for Micro-Enterprises Development provides multiple support services to economically empower families, individuals and NGOs in the Kingdom of Bahrain through promoting small enterprises among the productive families, owners of traditional businesses, unemployed youth, and families that depend on social assistance.


Work Timings:


Sunday to Thursday form 7AM-9PM

Friday to Saturday form 9AM-9PM

Location on Googl Maps:

Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products


Building 294 - Road 3410 – Complex 432


Phone: 17582169 - Fax 17564502


Centre’s Objectives:

The Center main objectives are:

  1. Develop and provide a favorable environment for the promotion of small and micro-enterprises in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Increase resources through local and international sources in order to initiate and support the various innovative initiatives in promoting small businesses.
  3. Reinforce the forms of participation by NGOs, productive groups, cooperative societies, and microfinance institutions to enable them to play a positive role in promoting small businesses.

Micro-enterprises Development Program


What is the program?

The program is primarily a conceptualization of the support to be provided to the productive families, unemployed youth, and families that depend on social assistance through development initiatives. The program supports these groups through:

  1. Identify entrepreneurs.
  2. Apply a capacity-building program.
  3. Provide overall support for the applicants to achieve their aspirations with regard to the success of these enterprises.


The program also includes the provision of support for applicants in various aspects (e.g. business, legal, credit, marketing, etc.) with respect to the development of small enterprises so that the applicant can achieve the expected success.


This program involves several stages as follows:



Participation in the 3-4 week training course during which training classes will be delivered on the basics of entrepreneurship, how to analyze and assess the labor market, identification of viable business opportunities, and development of ties necessary for success in business.


This course helps to develop the participants’ capacity through the provision of support and guidance for the preparation of technical and financial reports (on projects), and for other management features. There are also different courses which will be determined according to the nature of the selected projects.


Topics discussed in the program:


First week:

  • Who is the entrepreneur?
  • Entrepreneur’s competencies and projects
  • Definition of investment opportunity and guidelines on how to choose the right opportunity


Second week:

  • Definition of Marketing
  • Market survey and market research
  • Small business marketing management
  • Communication skills


Third week:

  • Accounting concept and objectives
  • Basics of funding and business accounting
  • Bookkeeping and product cost estimation
  • How to prepare an action plan for the project



Provision of support and guidance for the preparation of technical and financial reports through consulting sessions



Apply for a loan from any of the development finance institutions.



Consulting sessions in the project’s start-up phase.


Final Phase

Continuous monitoring of the project.


Criteria for the selection of participants:

  1. The ability to assume risk and achieve goals.
  2. Precision and persistence to achieve realistic goals.
  3. The ability to develop economic plans and to make decisions.
  4. Independent balanced personality and willingness to accept new ideas and provide advice.
  5. Willingness to start with their own projects and own the capital necessary for starting up the project.
  6. The ability to attend educational training programs.




























































































































































































































































































































































































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