Centre’s Objectives




  1. Introduce the objectives of these training plans and workshops, as well the strategies they aim to achieve.
  2. Changing the predominant approach to simulation-based ideas and materials, decorative formal patterns, as well as stress on the constructional aspects in handling.
  3. Ensure on-going communication and understanding between the Design and Innovation Centre and productive families, which would create an atmosphere of intimacy, having a good effect on the product and artistic taste. This would also pave the way for families and individuals wishing to expand their projects in preparation for progressing both locally and internationally.
  4. Commit the productive families to enhance and develop their products after setting quality standards and equipping them with the information, skills and attitudes that will help them achieve this goal.
  5. Train the productive families on all that is new in the field of artistic crafts both technically and aesthetically.

This plan works on practicing direct and continuous communication with the productive families, and understanding their nature. It is noticed that there is always a rejection for change and innovation, which causes difficulties especially in the beginning. Since we can engage the recipients in everything to make it easy for them to proceed in this march, and in order to succeed in these efforts, we must identify and introduce our guidelines stemming from our roots and oriental originality, and cooperate together in putting such guidelines so as to collect the fruits.













































































































































































































































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