Mall’s Features




Most important features of the Capital Mall for Bahraini handmade products:


The Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products has many capabilities and features that make the Capital Mall a successful model. Some of these features include:


  1. There are some handmade products manufactured at homes since ancient times. Such products reflect the heritage and history of Bahrain.
  2. The Mall is located at Seef District, an area of new business and tourism in Bahrain, due to the presence of many big stores in addition to banks and companies.
  3. The presence of a number of productive families who wish and aspire to develop and expand their business through continuous marketing and other services.
  4. Cooperation of a number of international and local agencies that provide technical and consulting services for small and micro-enterprises. These agencies include:
  • Economic Development Board.
  • German organization GTZ (Design and Innovation Centre for Productive Families’ Products).
  • Bahrain Training Institute (for jewellery and accessory works)
  • Institutions for managing and promoting events. A working group representing all those who can support and facilitate the success of existing projects is formed to facilitate the Mall’s management.
  • An operation staff to run the Mall, allowing the provision of appropriate services to attendants.





















































































































































































































































































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