Beneficiaries of the Mall


  • Bahraini families only.
  • Families that have a profession or handicraft.
  • Families registered in the Productive Families Project and families seeking to improve their productive level.
  • Families seeking to enter the global market.


Criteria for the selection of projects in the Mall:


  • Serious projects with marketable features.
  • Good projects with rapid growth (at least 10% annually).
  • Projects based on creative initiatives.
  • Projects that integrate with existing projects outside the Mall.
  • Projects that help in the transition from micro to advanced projects.
  • Projects that achieve profits and develop administrative, technical and artistic skills.


Criteria for selection of project owners at the Mall:

  • The ability to assume risk and achieve goals.
  • Precision, attention to details, persistence, and having realistic goals and being realistic in the way of achieving them.
  • The ability to develop economic plans and to make decisions.
  • Independent balanced personality and willingness to accept new ideas and suggestions.
  • Willingness to participate with their personal savings in the projects.
  • Love of self-employment, optimism, ambition of the project, durability, and desire to work.
  • Work in an atmosphere of collective action so as to enable some of the Mall’s occupants to benefit from each other in processing their products.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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