Capital Mall




The Mall is one of the tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as it contains the Bahraini traditional and original handmade products. Moreover, the Mall provides a package of specialized, high value-added services for the development and support of these products and their producers



1.The Capital Mall for Bahraini Hand Products represents a central meeting point in Bahrain to assist and support micro-enterprises relied on by the productive families. The Mall provides regular units and exhibitions for marketing.

2.The Mall provides these projects with a series of consulting and guiding sources and public services through the Mall’s administration or through a communication network with local and international institutions.

3.The Mall sets up the foundation for families and individuals wishing to start, establish or expand a small or micro-enterprise as a prelude to a bigger breakthrough in winning a distinct place in the Mall.

What is the Capital Mall for Bahraini handmade products?



The Capital Mall for Bahraini handmade products in Al Seef District is an initiative that aims assists and supports projects of productive families and micro projects by providing them first with a shop for sale and display of products  and general periodic exhibitions, in addition to a series of specialized, consulting, and guiding services, as well as general services through the center’s management or through a network of NGOs,  working in the field of productive family projects development.

The Mall is one of the tourist attractions in the Kingdom because it contains an integrated set of Bahraini traditional handmade products which may be difficult to find in one place.




Work Timings:


Sunday to Thursday form 7AM-9PM

Friday to Saturday form 9AM-9PM

Location on Googl Maps:

Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products


Building 294 - Road 3410 – Complex 432


Phone: 17102369 - Fax: 17564502













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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