Disabled Child Day Care Centre




The Disabled Child Day Care Centre was built by the Salmaniya Rotary Club and officially opened on November 23, 1993. It is affiliated with the Social Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Labour & Social Development. It takes care of children with multiple disabilities and children with mental disabilities.



"Our Mission"

Disabled Child Day Care Centre



The Objectives of the Centre:

  1. Taking care of children with multiple disabilities on a daily basis to help alleviate the burden on their families
  2. Training the mothers to take care of their disabled children
  3. Evaluating the abilities of the disabled children and providing beneficial activities suitable for the maximum development of their capacities.



Types of the Services Provided in the Centre


1- Rehabilitation Services


The children’s Rehabilitation program includes self-sufficiency, social growth and educational Rehabilitations. It also aims at developing the cognitive ability of children who want to learn. This program assists the disabled to understand the environment around them and to learn through experience.




2- Entertainment Programs:


- Conducting entertainment and cultural trips

- Helping disabled children to integrate with other children

- Providing appropriate films, cartoons and educational programs

- Practicing different hobbies




3- Health Service and Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is provided to disabled children by qualified physiotherapists. Mothers are trained in how to deal with the health of disabled children.




4- Psychological Services


Solving the psychological problems faced by disabled children




5- Social Services




6- Transport Services:


The centre provides disabled children with equipment and other devices to assist them in moving around and also provides transport to and from their homes.



Required Documents:


1- The required form completed

2- A medical report about the disabled persons from the Ministry of Health

3- A copy of the residential card for the disabled and a copy of the guardian’s residential card.

4- Two photographs of the disabled child

5- A copy of the child’s passport



Admission Requirements:


1- Bahraini Nationality

2- Free from any infectious disease

3- Aged between 3 to 12 years

4- Free from psychological disorders

5- Suffering from multiple disabilities

6- Not classed as a clinical case

7- Ready and willing to learn and be trained




NBB Home For Disabled Children

Children Day-care Centre

17103277 - 17107246

Building: 1045 - Road: 1403

Complex: 814 - Isa Town






























































































































































































































































































































































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