Disabled Services Centre


In celebrating the International Day for the Disabled, the Minister of the Labour & Social Development, on 2 Dhul Hijjah 1428 A.H. corresponding to December 12, 2007, inaugurated the disabled services centre. This centre is specialized in employing the disabled in the private and non-governmental sectors. It is in charge of processing the requests and applications of the disabled and their guardians and of finding solutions for them in coordination with governmental and non-governmental organizations and private bodies.



Disabled Services Centre

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The Objectives of the Centre:

  1. Locating vacancies for the disabled who are seeking work.
  2. Receiving applications of the disabled and their families from other bodies and trying to find solutions for them.
  3. Providing information and guides for the services available for the disabled.
  4. Providing family consultations for the disabled.
  5. Providing training to deal with different types of disabilities.

The Services of the Centre:

  1. Employing the disabled
  2. Training the disabled
  3. Educating and guiding the disabled and their families
  4. Operating the hotline and solving the problems of the disabled and their families
  5. Providing consultations and social, psychological and legal services
  6. Conducting specialized research on disabilities
  7. Providing educational printouts
  8. Training the disabled to drive
  9. Issuing Identification cards for the disabled



The Conditions of the Centre:


* Applicants must have Bahraini nationality

* Applicants must submit a medical record proving disability

*Applicants must provide required documents showing the nature of their application



The ministries of the government (The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of the Media, the Ministry of the Municipalities and the Environment, the Ministry of Works, the Ministry of the Population, the Ministry of Electricity, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of the Interior)


* Work fund - Financing the project

* The national organization for services for the disabled

* Assemblies working in the field of disability

* Professional assemblies

* Bahrain University

* Arab Gulf University

* Private sector.




The Centre's location:


The Disabled Services Centre

The Social Rehabilitation Department

Building 556, Road 3212, A'ali 732

Tel: 17102378     Fax: 17784037



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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