Granting Program Guide of Parent Homes


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development is seeking to launch its renewal initiatives in order to highlight its developmental vision regarding the investment of human capacities in the kingdom and working on satisfying his needs to interact with the family and community.


The Ministry lunches initiatives in the provision of grants to parental care homes that are managed through partnership with civil society organizations and local communities' residents to provide the aspects of various services for the elderly. It is one of the essential ingredients in the community to meet their requirements. The idea of the program is to assign a number of civil society organizations (NGOs and charitable funds) and licensed institutions that are concerned with the elderly affairs to the management of parental homes to which the Ministry is working to provide annually financial support to provide psychological, social, health services among other services to their visitors from the elderly from the local communities.



Objectives of the program:


1. Providing financial grants for the parental homes in the kingdom of Bahrain to enable them performing their role in providing the aspects of care for the elderly.


2. Providing an opportunity for the elderly to meet and communicate with the individuals and institutions of the civil society.


3. Activating and strengthening the principle of community partnership between the ministry and the civil and private sectors to contribute to the provision of services for the elderly.        


How to benefit from the program:


1.The institution shall be official licensed to be authorized to manage and operate the elderly care homes.


2.The institution shall comply with the provision of services and programs in accordance with its contract with the Ministry of Social Development.


3.The institution shall comply with the provision of services for the elderly within its community.


4.The institution shall comply with the provision of services regularly and continually as per a clear schedule program approved by the Ministry.



Organizations to be granted:

  • NGOs and charitable funds which are officially licensed.
  • Private institutions licensed to provide care for elderly.

Grants nature:


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development to provide financial support for the following authorities:


1.Annual financial grants for institutions and agencies to enable them to hire the necessary headquarters (partnership)

2.Annual financial grants for institutions and agencies to enable them managing elderly care homes (partnership).

3.Financial grants to support the elderly homes to increase their services and improve the quality of their works provided for elderly.


Documents required for grants:


1. Official license for the institution interested in the management of elderly care homes and its objectives.

2. Fill in comprehensive research form for the institutions washing to manage elderly care homes which is managed by elderly care department.

3. Provide independent building for the institutions interested in the management of elderly care homes that meet all requirements of concerned authorities.

4. Provide a statement of administrative and technical cadres necessary for the management and operation of parental homes.


Apply for grants:


The institutions and bodies washing to benefit from the program submit their applications to care and rehabilitation sector in the Ministry of Labour & Social Development by filling in all forms of this program.


Program Supervisors:


Social care and rehabilitation sector to be the supervisor of the program in collaboration and coordination with community partnership committee in the Ministry which formally notifies those interested in benefiting from the program to fill and meet form requirements and submit it to social care and rehabilitation sector.


Social care and rehabilitation sector to address elderly department to check and inspect the validity of the building.

A periodic reports every three months to be submitted by bodies regarding the level of performance.


Assessment Standards:

  • Institutional Assessment includes public administration, financial management and systems.
  • Details about homes including the nature and purpose of the service, beneficiaries, aspects of financial exchanges and reasons of benefiting from this program.
  • Annual work plan as well as follow-up and evaluation plan. 












































































































































































































































































































































































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