Vocational Institute Affairs




In 2005 a Vocational Institutes Affairs Department was created as part of the Ministry of Labour reorganization. It supervises the private training establishments to assess the training services they are providing, verify their performance level, inspect and license their training programs, and conduct field inspection visits. The department also promotes investment in the training and human development sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain locally, regionally and internationally through implementation of programs and initiatives aiming to help provide the labour market with the rehabilitation and training programs for existing work force and jobseekers, and to support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to strengthen its position as a regional centre of training and human resources development.

Tasks and Services:


  1. Supervising the implementation of tasks and work to develop its objectives commensurate with the development of society and meet its needs related to the labour market and comprehensive training development.
  2. Proposing the amendments to the legislation and regulations pertaining to the investment process in the training sector.
  3. Encouraging the investment in training, so as to create institutions capable of meeting the needs of the labour market and training job-seekers and workers to qualify resources and train human resources.
  4. Facilitating private training institutions, in order to practice their training activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  5. Improving the quality of training in private training institutions.
  6. Protecting individuals and institutions benefiting from training programs from manipulating the quality and prices of training programs.
  7. Developing the training sector in alignment with the needs of the labour market.
  8. Conducting studies, statistics and research on special training, and explaining the methods and ways that enable the use of the results of this research in the development of work.
  9. Developing promotional and marketing plans, in order to distinguish regional and international training institutions to establish private training institutions in the Kingdom.


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Directorate of Vocational Institute Affairs services
(Licensing, control and monitoring of vocational training institutes affairs)

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List of licensed training institutions




Training Permits Issuance Section:

The section issues the licenses that allow investors to establish private training institutions to engage in training activities in accordance to the Legislative Decree No. 25, and Law No. 17 for 2007 concerning the vocational training, and the applicable ministerial decisions in connection with this law. It is also responsible for issuance of licenses to employers to establish vocational training Centres and institutes for training their workers.



Form (A-1) Application for Licensing a Private Training Institution   

Form No. (A-3) Application for accreditation of authorized signatories to the transactions of the private training institution   
Form No. (A-4) of Recruitment of the Manager in Charge of the private training institution   
Form No. (A-5) Application for changing the name of the training institution or the name of the legal entity    
Form No. (A-6) Application for changing the headquarters of the private training institution   
  Form No. (A-7) Application for Transfer of Ownership of Private Training Institution License   
Form No. (A-8) Application for Renewal of Private Training Institution License   
Form No. (A-9) Application for Cancellation of License   
Form No. (A-10) Application for adding a training field   
e-mail:  tpi@mlsd.gov.bh

Evaluation and Inspection:

The section handles the inspection and licensing of training programs, and issues licenses for the training board of these institutions. It also conducts inspection and verification of the licensed training institutions to ensure that they perform their training activities in line with the applicable procedures. In addition, it conducts regular inspection of the training institutions




Program License Form   
Program Modification Form   
Trainer License Application Form   
Certificate Form   
Trainer Form   

Promotion and information:


The section issues monthly and periodic statistics and reports, in addition to annual analysis and financial reports for private training institutions. It also organizes and holds conferences and workshops aiming to promote training and attract specialised training institutions that conduct specialised training programs targeting graduation of trainees who can meet the labour market requirements. In addition, it holds specialised educational seminars and workshops regarding the vocational training programs and related fields for the employees of MLSD and private



Data Update Form for Private Training Institutions   
Trainee Grievance Form   


Steps to open a private training institution:


Instructions and steps for opening a private training institution   
Licensing procedures booklet for opening a private training institution   
Form of establishing a private training institution   
Folded/ brochure the results of the annual analysis 2015   
Folded/ Brochure the results of the annual analysis 2016   
Folded/ Brochure rate of the results of the annual analysis 2017   


Statistical Reports:


Annual Report Analysis 2013   
Analysis of Annual Reports 2014   
Summary of Annual Reports 2008-2014   
Statistical Handbook of Private Training Institute Activities for (2008-2016)