Child Helpline 998




1. Every child

2. Toll free         

3. Commitment to confidentiality and respect for the caller's desire not to mention his name

4. Work around the clock


998 for Child Support:

• Work and cooperate for you in order to afford you with the appropriate options.

• Listen to you when you need to talk.

• Believe in your ability to find solutions and work with you no matter the size of your problem.

• Stand by your side; you are not alone.

• Call to check our services available for our children.

• Make the move, even if it is new; contact us.


How the Centre receives reports:

1. The Centre directly receives all reports of child abuse.

2. The Centre receives all cases transferred to it from the concerned bodies responsible for child protection.


To report and inquire about the Centre’s services, kindly contact us at:

1. Child Helpline: 998.

2. Building No: 288 - Road No: 2501 - Block No: 325 - Qudaibiya.

3. Centre’s Line: 17103280 - Fax No: 17102394

4. Email us at:

5. More information on:

How can we contribute to protecting our children from abuse?

كيف تتعرف على الايذاء الجسدي والجنسي للطفل


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